Services Offered

Services offered

Often the first contact a prospective client or customer will have with a company or brand is through written information: a newspaper article, an advertisement, a brochure, a website. It is vital that information contained in these various formats is accurate, easy to digest, and above all, professionally presented. Looking sloppy or unprofessional will not inspire confidence and may even put off a potential customer. With over 25 years in the field, Gaynor has a keen and informed eye for what looks good according to the nature of the product and/or the vision behind the marketing efforts. Frequently she will work alongside an advertising and/or design agency or in-house marketing department to produce finished material: an advertisement, website, flyer, brochure - advising on overall look and design as well as writing the text.

Media liaison

Gaynor will advise on getting a story into the media. Is it newsworthy? If not, Gaynor will help develop an appropriate ‘angle’, advise on which media would cover the story, and discuss whether the photographs or other material to accompany the story are suitable. She then researches the information required and writes media release(s) targeted towards the selected media and arranges for distribution to this media with follow-up to monitor potential coverage.

Brochures/flyers/business prospectus

Marketing material of any sort can be most useful in getting a brand name known. Gaynor researches and writes all text and advises on factors such as layout, quality of paper etc.


It is vital to keep in touch with existing clients and also reach out to potential new ones. Regular newsletters ensure top-of-mind awareness for news, special offers etc.


The first ‘port-of-call’ for many prospective clients and customers is via the Internet. A website needs to be eye-catching, fast, and offer easily accessed information at the touch of a keyboard. Gaynor works with web-specialists to ensure that the text she writes is accurate and well-suited to the structures of the website. She also advises on the ‘look and feel’ of the website.

Advertising copy and scripts

Gaynor regularly creates text for advertising with a ‘hook’. She is also able to research and write scripts for promotional videos etc.

Speeches, letters

If a special message is required, no matter what the occasion, Gaynor will write it with a tone and style befitting the event.

Using a wordsmith

Words are tricky little devils and one needs to be very careful how one uses them to ensure that a message comes across as intended. 

There’s a huge amount of difference between its and it’s for example – and many people don’t know when to use one or the other. That’s why using a wordsmith – a professional who works with words – is vital. Here are some examples of marketing messages that just don’t come across quite right:

  • Don’t let stress kill you! Let us help.

  • Ears pierced while you wait.

  • Same Day Cleaners – 48 hour service.

  • We never allow a dissatisfied customer to leave our store….

  • Please inform us if you do not receive this correspondence.