About Gaynor Lawson PR Services

PR Services was formed in 1995 by Gaynor Lawson with the aim of providing top quality writing, editing, and public relations services to a select range of clients.

Gaynor Lawson

Gaynor has always been a storyteller: even as a child she entertained other youngsters with her tales. After matriculating from Kingsmead College, she attended the University of the Witwatersrand where she majored in Law and English (with Psychology, Latin and Afrikaans) to obtain her BA degree. Thereafter, Gaynor took a year to complete an Honours degree in English, part of the course including the study of “Film as Narrative”.

From 1986, Gaynor worked at Standard Bank Investment Corporation (SBIC), the holding company of the Standard Bank of South Africa Limited, in the Group Public Affairs Department.  Her responsibilities included media liaison and assisting with the Bank’s sponsorship and donation projects.  These included the Standard Bank National Arts Festival, Standard Bank Film Festivals around the country, the Standard Bank Cup Tennis Tournament, and the Standard Bank Art Collection.  During this period Gaynor was responsible for managing the media launch of The Union Bank of Swaziland, working from that country.

In 1989, Gaynor left SBIC to join Gallo Record Company as Public Relations Manager.  Her responsibilities included media liaison, advertising, newsletters, and arranging product launches and conferences.  Gaynor was also responsible for staff training at the company.

In 1993, Gaynor joined Arcay Corporate Communications as Director, responsible for a wide range of clients including Interleisure (incorporating Squires Loft, Mike’s Kitchen, Milky Lane, Ster Kinekor and other entertainment and leisure brands), the Johannesburg Biennale and other high profile clients along with various managerial functions. She was flown to Italy for a presentation to the Small and Medium Business Association in Bologne.

She left Arcay in 1995 to form her own consultancy, PR Services.  She continues to write on a freelance basis, and her stories have been published in Chicken Soup for the Fisherman’s Soul, Getaway magazine, The Saturday Star, Sunday Times Travel and SkiBoat magazine, amongst others. 

PR Services

From its inception, P.R.Services has managed a number of high profile clients such as Rent-a-Sign (renamed Corpcom), Flemingo Plant Hire, the launch of Sony Music Entertainment and various copy-writing projects.

In 2000, Gaynor moved with her husband to the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. In April 2002 she launched her own publication, The Quill, focusing on promoting the Midlands. In 2004, The Quill won the "Best Front Page for Small Town Newspaper" award at the Sanlam Community Press Awards. 

Having closed The Quill in 2009, Gaynor now dedicates her attention to offering clients a selection of public relations services such as media liaison, copy-writing (including media releases, websites, newsletters, advertisements, brochures, video scripts, speeches etc), and providing comprehensive corporate image advice. She has also collaborated on a number of books.

Using a wordsmith

Words are tricky little devils and one needs to be very careful how one uses them to ensure that a message comes across as intended. 

There’s a huge amount of difference between its and it’s for example – and many people don’t know when to use one or the other. That’s why using a wordsmith – a professional who works with words – is vital. Here are some examples of marketing messages that just don’t come across quite right:

  • Don’t let stress kill you! Let us help.

  • Ears pierced while you wait.

  • Same Day Cleaners – 48 hour service.

  • We never allow a dissatisfied customer to leave our store….

  • Please inform us if you do not receive this correspondence.